Dinesh Pratap Singh

Dinesh Pratap Singh

Chemical Engineer

The objective of Chemistry Classes is to create a difference between cramming and logical learning. Over a period of time our students have developed a passion and love for chemistry.

Success of our students is inspiring and so is faith towards Chemistry-Classes. Our comprehensive program helps the students in bridging the gap between school education and competitive exams preparation. Our student’s success in all India engineering and medical entrance examinations for IIT’s, AIIMS, BITSAT, NIT’s, NEET & KVPY along with remarkable performance in school curriculum without stress and anxiety is always a source of inspiration.


We feel touched when students share their memories and feelings for us


We feel touched when students share their memories and feelings for us

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  • review rating 5  The quality of teaching is best one can hope for. All concepts are made clear and every topic is taught in an easy to understand manner. Best coaching centre in Gurugram

    thumb ααкяιтι вαиѕαl

    review rating 5  This is extremely excellent classics. My Son attended chemistry classics we noticed the way D.P Sir Deliver the lecture is very impressive any body can easily understand.

    thumb Sanjay Sharma

    review rating 5  I attended chemistry classes from DP sir from 2011-2013 and because of him I have come to love chemistry. His positivity and encouragement clubbed with the material which he prepared personally, cleared our path for the better future. His self prepared tips and tricks not only helped us to understand better but also helped us to solve questions rapidly. I still remember attending some of the interactive sessions with DP sir. His knowledge and experience is the perfect package for learning chemistry and crack competitive exams, which has been proved over the years by his students. He is not only a good teacher but a good individual too. I'm so grateful that DP sir was available to mentor me in those crucial years. Thank You Sir

    thumb Ayush Goel

    review rating 5  I attended Chemistry classes by D.P. sir for the duration 2008-2010. The experience of learning chemistry from him is very unique. The thrill, enthusiasm, passion and energy with which sir delivered the lectures is highly commendable. Everything from organic to inorganic to molecular chemistry was taught in a very creative manner due to which we didn’t need to cram the things. I highly recommend to attend chemistry classes with him.

    thumb nidhi hasija
  • review rating 5  Best chemistry teacher i hve ever come across. Infact the bestestest chemistry classes. one who doesnt like chemistry will b the one who loves chemistry after attending dp sir classes.

    thumb Aditya Chaudhary

    review rating 5  Energy, enthusiasm,guidance,motivation,constant support,student friendly environment and positive vibes-these are the words I would like to use to describe my two year experience at chemistry classes.DP Singh sir has surely helped me take a step further towards the fulfillment of my dream of becoming a doctor.the ease with which even the most complex topics were explained in class was amazing.And I just can't forget to mention those organic chemistry reagents which are still at my tips. Thank you sir,thank you so much!

    thumb rashi hasija

    review rating 5  One of the best chemistry classes i have ever attended in my school and college. The content that is taught by him is alsolutely logical and perfectly refined. I dont think that i would be able to find another teacher like you (both academically and overall). I mean the point is not only about the concept or questions that are taught but also the motivation that sir gives, the enthusiasm, the stories that sir share, are priceless. I used to be the one who used to talk to sir quite often after the class, he always used to say that you can do much more piyush. That motivation is something that miss a lot over here. I loved it. The confidence and trust you have in me.... Thank u sir ... I just hope i stand upto it.... I miss those days... Miss you sir... Thank you sir... Love u a lot....

    thumb Piyush Garg

    review rating 5  The best teacher a student can get. The teaching methods as well as mentoring all are exceptional. No doubt that he is the best teacher in Gurugram and will be known all over the country in upcoming years.

    thumb AYUSH GARG
  • review rating 5  The best chemistry teacher anyone can ever get. A person who can literally be your guiding force. There's so much you can learn from the classes. The quizzes, the chocolate questions, the seating arrangement.. everything motivates you to excel. I can, without a doubt, give sir all the credit of helping me get a seat in a Govt. Medical college.

    thumb medha raina
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